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wovoka aka jack wilson

Wovoka in Native American History
Wovoka, a.k.a. Jack Wilson (ca. 1856-1932) was a Paiute mystic responsible for the revival of the Ghost Dance in 1890. Born in western Nevada, he took on the .

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Wovoka and the Ghost Dance by Michael Hittman - Reviews ...
Dec 28, 1997 . Wovoka and the Ghost Dance has 7 ratings and 3 reviews. . Nevertheless, if you 're interested in Wovoka aka Jack Wilson its the definitive .

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  • Encyclopedia of the Great Plains | WOUNDED KNEE MASSACRE
    Born from the vision of a Paiute named Wovoka (aka Jack Wilson), the Ghost Dance blended the messianic account of Christianity with traditional Native beliefs.

  • Wes Studi - IMDb
    Wovoka/Jack Wilson. 2007 Cosmic Radio Sherriff Mike Nighthorse. 2006 Seraphim Falls Charon (as Wes Studie). 2005 The New World Opechancanough .

  • WOVOKA: The Paiute Messiah
    It was under David Wilson's protection that Wovoka (who was renamed Jack Wilson) became exposed to Christian concepts. As part of the Wilson household, .

  • Wovoka, Paiute Indian, Ghost Dance
    Wovoka a Paiute, mystic Indian, also known as Jack Wilson, who worked as a ranch hand for David Wilson after being orphaned at the age of fourteen. He had a .

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Native American Ghost Dances
Jan 25, 2012 . "Wovoka" aka Joe Wilson, was the Paiute Mystic; Native American . Wovoka soon took the name Jack Wilson, and worked on Wilson's ranch .