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11143-1011 BeneficiaryDesignation.indd
Depending upon benefit eligibility and distribution options elected, the following . trust(s) that receives the lump-sum death benefit payable from the Con- cordia Retirement . If all of your Primary and Secondary Beneficiaries die before you, .

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designating a Trust as beneficiary of an IRA - The Millhorn Law Firm
primary bene?ciary of their retirement and name the Trust as the secondary or alternate or . 1 The trustee can control the age of distribution to the bene?ciaries.

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  • Setting up a Standard Discretionary Trust in Australia. Company set ...
    Standard Discretionary Trust, trust, company set up, Trusts, Discretionary Trusts, Unit . investing the trust funds and deciding to whom the distribution of trust income and capital is to be made. . It is common that, in a Family Trust, the Primary Beneficiaries are the Mother and Father of the family. . Secondary Beneficiaries .

  • IRA Beneficiary Designation
    primary and secondary beneficiaries already on file with DWS Trust Company, . beneficiary and do not indicate percentages, distributions will be made equally .

  • 401k Beneficiaries - IRA Beneficiaries
    A will or trust does not override your beneficiary designation form. However, spouses may . Designating primary and secondary beneficiaries. When it comes to .

    By naming a beneficiary on this Form, you revoke any prior designation of . To name a trust as a primary or secondary beneficiary, write the name and . balance is to be distributed to my secondary beneficiaries named in Section B above.

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Death Benefits Beneficiary Designation
You may name any person, institution, or trust as a beneficiary. . you, the benefit will be distributed proportionately to the surviving children. . If you are naming more than one primary and/or secondary beneficiary, please specify the .