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Despite its name, the gray wolf's coat colour ranges from almost pure white to . 5.1 Diet; 5.2 Enemies and competitors . The legend that wolves fear the sound of string instruments may have a basis in fact, as captive wolves in the Regent's .

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Facts about WOLVES ***
Provides details of a variety of interesting facts about Wolves. Fun . Important facts, data and info containing details of the description, name origins and habitat of Wolves. . Wolves have ruffs of long hair framing the sides of their faces similar to . lupus labradorius (Labrador Wolf); Canis lupus lycaon (Eastern Timber Wolf) .

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  • Uncategorized Questions | Timber Wolf Information Network
    Answer: T.W.I.N. is short for Timber Wolf Information Network. . what are special adaptations that the grey wolf might have to survive in its naural habitat?

    Timber Wolf
    DIET: Small animals and birds. When in . GENERAL INFORMATION. Timber . The pack distinguishes its territory by marking it with urine and feces. . Timber wolves will generally hunt is packs of 12 or more during the non-breeding season .

  • Wolves Resources - Dialogue for Kids (Idaho Public Television)
    . drawings and a text packed with nuggets of information, the author explores the life of the gray wolf (or timber wolf). She discusses its habitat (which has been .

  • Gray wolf - Species profile: Minnesota DNR
    Prior to European settlement, the gray wolf, sometimes called the timber wolf, inhabited . Human persecution, habitat deterioration, and the reduction of prey . Wolves in Minnesota significantly increased and expanded their range (Fuller et al. . in Minnesota, resulting in a wealth of information on the ecology of wolves.

  • Timber Wolves - Quillo's Online Zoo! - Tripod
    Timber Wolves are the wild dogs also known as Gray Wolves. . Wolves play an important role in keeping the population of small animals in control throughout their habitat. Because of human . Here are some cool facts about Timber Wolves : .

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Animal Facts - Wolf
Description: The Gray or Timber wolf is the largest member of the dog family. . Habitat: Until very recently, wolves had the largest range of any animal except humans. . Female wolves choose their mates and often form a life-long pair bond.