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parallel turn in downhill skiing

APSI Demonstration Skiing - Steered Parallel - YouTube
Nov 19, 2009 . This is an excerpt from the APSI Alpine DVD. Steered Parallel Turns. It is an educational tool that helps alpine ski instructors train for .

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How To Do Parallel Turns In Downhill Skiing | LIVESTRONG.COM
Jul 21, 2011 . How To Do Parallel Turns In Downhill Skiing. When you first learn to ski, your instructor might place you in a wedge or pizza-shaped position, .

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  • How to Parallel Turn - Online Ski Lessons - Mechanics of Skiing
    Parallel turns are turns where the skis always stay parallel to each other . If the skis are brought too far apart, the downhill edge on the uphill/inside ski will catch .

  • How to Make Parallel Turns on Skis |
    As you ski more difficult terrain and increase your speed, the parallel turn . Swing your downhill pole slightly in front of you as you begin to initiate your turn. 2 .

  • Parallel turn - SkyTechSport Ski Simulator and Snowboard ...
    Parallel turn. The parallel turn in alpine skiing is a method for turning. It is based on the idea of rolling the ski onto one edge, allowing it to bend into an arc.

  • All about free heel and telemark skiing and the telemark turn
    The skis are parallel, weighted and edged in modern Telemark turns, just as for parallel turns on alpine gear. The knee bend is much less than in traditional .

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How to Do a Wide-Track Parallel Turn on Skis |
Learn how to do a wide-track parallel turn on skis from an expert ski instructor in this free . It's extending downhill that is important to initiate your turn. Okay?