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lydia darragh in the american revolution

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Lydia Barrington Darragh (also spelled Darrah or Darrach) (1728 December . 1 Early life; 2 American Revolutionary War; 3 Later life; 4 References; 5 Further .

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Lydia Darragh: Quaker, Pacifist, and American Spy
Lydia Darragh, despite being a Quaker and pacifist like Betsy Ross, seized an opportunity to create a mighty victory for the Americans.

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  • Lydia Darragh, of the Revolution
    LYDIA DARRAGH, OF THE REVOLUTION. . years after her death, in the American . 1 Will of Lydia Darragh, dated December 26,1789 ; probated January .

    Unsung Heroes of the Revolutionary War - Yahoo! Voices - voices ...
    Oct 29, 2008 . Lydia Darragh lived in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War. On September 26, 1777, the British soldiers occupied the city seizing the .

  • Why was Lydia Darragh important to the Revolutionary War
    Why was Lydia Darragh important to the Revolutionary War? In: American . What did Lydia darragh do in the revolutionary war? Well, Not exactly, she did tell .

  • What was Lydia Darragh's part in the Revolutionary War
    What was Lydia Darragh's part in the Revolutionary War? In: American Revolution [Edit categories]. Answer: Improve. She was to give secret messages to .'s_part_in_the_Revolutionary_War

  • Important People in the American Revolution
    Samuel Adams (from The American Revolution Homepage) Portrait of Samuel . LYDIA BARRINGTON DARRAGH (from the National Woman's History Museum .

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American Athenas - Women in the Revolution
1 The words of an American soldier during the American Revolution. . the war, but the most remarkable one was Lydia Darragh of Philadelphia, a Quaker.